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LG Puts A Fingerprint Sensor Under The Glass

LG Puts A Fingerprint Sensor Under The Glass

Fingerprint sensors are pretty much a must-have feature on any smartphone at this point, but there’s one big problem, they’re pretty ugly. Some look fine, like on the iPhone, Nexus 6P, or Honor 5X, but others don’t and just feel out of place (can I get an HTC 10 in here?). Clearly we need another option and the most obvious is to figure out how to place it underneath the device’s display. Qualcomm announced a solution to this a while back that uses ultrasonic waves to read your fingerprint, but now LG has another way.

This sensor sits directly under the glass and works between a maximum of 0.3mm of glass. LG also claims that the sensor has a false positive rate of just one in 50,000 tries, which means it retains a high level of security and they also mention that the sensor can withstand a steel ball dropping on it from a height of up to 20cm. LG hasn’t released any details on how fast this sensor is, so we’ll have to wait until it debuts in a smartphone.

Source: LG

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