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YouTube Finally Listens To Creators, Makes Major Changes To Content ID System

YouTube Finally Listens To Creators, Makes Major Changes To Content ID System

There’s no better platform for video right now than YouTube. There are thousands upon thousands of talented creators uploading new content every single day, however with each upload, many of them have to worry about whether or not they’ll be hit with a copyright claim. Some creators are hit with these claims whether they broke copyright regulations or not and it can be devastating to their revenue and even their channel. Creators left and right have been complaining about this for months, and now YouTube is finally doing something about it.

So what’s been going on? Here’s the basics. If someone uploads a video to YouTube and it is recognized as containing copyrighted content (i.e. movies, music, etc), then any monetization from that video goes directly to the third-party who’s content was ID’d. The creators could of course dispute the claim, but that process takes several days and in that time, any revenue the video generated continued going directly to that third-party and the creator wouldn’t get the funds back. The worst part of it all is that most of the revenue these videos make comes within those first few days, meaning creators might lose the majority of their potential earnings. Until now that is.

Now instead of sending money directly to the third-party, YouTube will hold the funds back from everyone until the dispute has been resolved. If the creator is in the right, they get the funds. If the third party is in the right, then they get those funds.

This new change will be rolling out in the coming months and should be a big deal for users who get hit with content ID claims relatively often.

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