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Get A Nexus 5X For Just $239 Today

Get A Nexus 5X For Just $239 Today

Over the past couple months we’ve seen numerous deals on Google’s Nexus 5X, the highlight of which being Project Fi’s $199 price tag. However that deal required customers to sign up for Google’s wireless service. Today however you can grab the same great phone for just $239, without any complications.

This is a brand new device will retail packaging and all, shipped free for over $60 less than the retail pricing. This is of course the 16GB model, but for the price that’s fine. The eBay seller offering the deal also has a solid 98.3% rating on their account with over 16,000 feedback responses, so needless to say they’re pretty reputable. This deal only applies to the Black model as the White is already out of stock, but do keep in mind stock limited. Better to act sooner than later.

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