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Satechi iQ LED Strip Review

Satechi iQ LED Strip Review

One of the easiest ways to add a flare of color to your desk setup is an LED light strip. This simple task transforms a bland setup into something absolutely stunning. Most light strips however are pretty annoying. You have to use a dedicated remote to control the colors and even worse, you have to ensure the receiver is within view. Thankfully, there are better ways. Sure you could go with a Phillips Hue strip, but at $90, those are usually not worth it. Satechi on the other hand offers an alternative, their iQ LED strip.

This LED strip works like any other on the surface. Connect the receiver to power, stick the strip to whatever surface you want (in my case the perimeter of my desk), and then connect everything together. Once that’s done the fun really begins. You’ll notice in the box that no physical remote is included with the strip as everything is controlled on an app from your smartphone.


This app, “Spectrum”, allows users to control the brightness and color of their LED strip along with setting up specific modes for it. If you have other Satechi iQ products, such as the LED smart bulb, you can also control it from within the same application. The app communicates with the strip via Bluetooth and it also has several smart options including a “disco” mode which changes color to music as well as timers and automatic off/on schedules.

The LEDs on the strip are all bright and with a water-resistant top layer, you can stick them just about anywhere. You can also cut the strip to your desired length as well.

Overall this is a great addition to just about any desk setup. It gives a clean and colorful look you the edge of the setup as well as having some great smart functionality. For $39 it is just a bit expensive, but it could be so much worse.


Note: The purple hue from the image above is from a separate LED light in the room.

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