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Jaybird X2 Review – Best Wireless Headphones?

Jaybird X2 Review – Best Wireless Headphones?

Bluetooth headphones are always a good option for runners or people who just need a get away from wires. Currently, in my opinion, Jaybird offers the best option for in-ear wireless headphones. Those being the X2s.

Where looks are involved, I love the look of these guys. They are a little on the large side, but that’s not a huge deal. They also come in a variety of vibrant colors to match your style to a tee. You have the volume up and down buttons as well as the pause/play button on the small control panel. But that’s standard on most wireless earbuds. Response from the buttons is not bad. One thing I find when using wireless headphones is that when I go to press the button, I end up pulling the earbud out of my ear, but that isn’t the case with the X2’s.

The great thing about these is the fact that they have special hooks to stay inside of your ear, giving a tight fit. The Hooks are made out of a firm silicone material that doesn’t get uncomfortable at all. Usually, depending on your ear shape, they should stay in with no problem at all. They attach to the earbuds, and you can customize them if you want the wire to hang over your ear or under.  Again, like I said, these are perfect for runners and the like. Personally, I never had an issue with them falling out at all and the fact that they came with foam tips made it easier to conform to my ear shape. Sometimes I had an issue with the cord rubbing at my neck and grabbing on a little bit, but if that’s the case you can always use one of the cord shorteners they give you.

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The X2’s are pretty awesome sounding. Treble is boosted a little more, and the lower ends aren’t as present, which I’m completely fine with. But people who love bass-boosted headphones might be a little disappointed. Overall, audio is very clear and has a nice amount of volume when you need it. The new version coming out soon will have it’s app for equalizing the audio to your needs which are pretty awesome.

They come with a cool little carrying pouch for on the go travel which is a little hard to open and close sometimes, but it’s compact and durable which is pretty necessary if you’re the active type. They charge within a couple of hours as well, and it’s pretty easy to charge. All you have to do is take the back piece off the right earbud and plug in a micro USB cord, and you’re good to go. The light on the side will go from red to green when fully charged.

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These are one of the best pairs on the market, and they come in at about $180. That’s not cheap, but the X2’s sure do live up to the price. If you look at other competition for less money, they tend to be the better option. Of course, a pair of over ear headphones might be a better option for at-home listening, but the X2’s still don’t disappoint at all.

If you want to grab some, go ahead and check them out at Amazon.

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