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Grab An Unlocked Blackberry Priv For Just $399

Grab An Unlocked Blackberry Priv For Just $399
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Blackberry’s first Android smartphone, the Priv, is a solid device. It combines the best of Blackberry with the power of Android, but that comes at a cost, one too high for most users. With usual pricing falling at about $650, it’s by no means cheap, however today it’s an entirely different story.

Right now Newegg is offering a brand new GSM unlocked Blackberry Priv for just $399. This is an AT&T unit, but it is unlocked for use on both AT&T and T-Mobile, as well as any other GSM carrier in the US. This is by far the lowest price we’ve seen to date on this device and for what you’re getting, it’s one heck of a steal. The Priv also just picked up an update to Android Marshmallow, which is about to begin its rollout. If you’re interested, the link to buy is below.

Get it from Newegg

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