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Google Debuts A Collection Of Watch Bands For Android Wear That Take Seconds To Swap

Google Debuts A Collection Of Watch Bands For Android Wear That Take Seconds To Swap

If you’ve got a smartwatch, you probably love the fact that you can change watch faces anytime you want. It takes just a few seconds to have a brand new look and feel for your watch. To make things even better, you can swap the band to make things look better as well. However it’s not all that easy to switch the band on your watch. Older models require a tool, and even the quick release standard we see on newer bands and watches still take a little bit of time. Today Google looks to solve that problem with a collection of special watch bands that you can change in just a matter of seconds.


The MODE collection of watch bands includes a special connector which allows users to switch out the band in just a second. Pull back on the “button” on the band and you can just slide it off and install another. Installing and removing the pin will take a bit longer, but the idea here is that you’ll be switching between different MODE watch bands.

MODE watch bands are available in both silicone and leather variants with pricing coming in at $49 and $59 respectively. Now that is by no means cheap (especially the silicone variant), but in this case you’re paying for the switching mechanism and the brand itself. These bands will be available from the Google Store, Amazon, and also Best Buy in several different color options from each retailer.


Source: Google

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