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Is The Galaxy S6 Still Worth It?

Is The Galaxy S6 Still Worth It?

The Galaxy S7 has been around for several weeks now, and it’s an impressive device, but there’s one thing you’ll notice the moment you see it, it looks just like the Galaxy S6. The design isn’t all that’s similar on these two phones, the S6 and S7 both share many of the same features, both in the hardware and software. There’s a lot new on the S7, but the question begs to be answered, is the Galaxy S6 a phone that is still worth buying?

Performance Is More Or Less The Same, Even After A Major Update

Since its launch, Samsung has updated the Galaxy S6 to Android Marshmallow and while that’s great, it hasn’t really changed a whole lot in terms of performance, not that that’s a bad thing. Thanks to the Exynos 7420 and 3GB of RAM, this phone can still handle 99% of what you throw at it, only suffering a bit when it comes to RAM-heavy multitasking as some of those RAM management issues from the device’s launch are still around. I’ve also encountered issues with lag, but nothing that a quick reboot can’t fix.


Battery Life Is Much Better, But Still Not Great

Battery life was without a doubt the worst aspect of the Galaxy S6 was the horrible battery life. In my time with the phone, it rarely made it through a day of use. That said however, things have gotten a bit better over time. Some updates on Lollipop helped out, but Marshmallow was the kicker here, adding great standby battery life with the built-in Doze feature. Now I can go through the workday without the phone draining for no reason. In active use the battery is still sub-par, but if you’re not a super heavy user, you won’t have problems at this point.

The Camera Holds Up To Everything On The Market Today

Even after a year of trying to beat it, it’s still tough to make a better camera than what is in the Galaxy S6. This 16MP sensor is still one of the best you can get today, holding up against all of the competition. The only sensors I would say edge it out are those found in the S7 and Nexus 6P, but only because of their low-light capabilities. In outdoor, well lit situations, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up the S6 over an S7.

You Can Get It For Really Cheap Now

The biggest advantage of buying a year-old flagship is the price, and that really holds up with the S6. Where the S7 will run over $700, a used S6 is solid condition from a reputable site such as Swappa runs around $300, if not less, which is awesome for what you’re getting. With $400 in the balance, it makes deciding between the two devices a tough choice.

Do I Get The S7, Or Stick With An S6?

This is where things get tricky. When you’re buying a year old smartphone, there are risks, such as software support as newer smartphones are usually favored. There’s also problems that could arise over time and of course you’ll be missing any new features that debuted on newer devices. In this case, you miss out on better battery life, better low-light cameras, and water resistance. If those features are worth the extra money for you, then by all means, go for it. However if you can live without them, the Galaxy S6 is 100% still worth buying.


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