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bPay- Mobile Payment Solution by Barclays Review

bPay- Mobile Payment Solution by Barclays Review

There are many mobile payment solutions out there, but very few similar to that of Barclay’s bPay. In a few countries the large banking chain: Barclays Plc have released a small device that uses NFC to make payments from a top-up wallet. There are a few bPay devices- a key fob, a wristband, and a sticker to go on the back of your phone; I got the wristband.

All of the bPay devices are controlled by a small, central NFC tag which stores the tag to make payments, and withdraw from your bPay wallet.

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The rubber wristband fits comfortably on the wrist, and you are unable to notice the plastic part of the device. The device does up by pushing two small metal teeth through parts of the rubber, similar to how the Fitbit does up.

The plastic part of the wristband is located in the middle of the wristband the the chip is placed inside so it can easily touch the contactless terminal.

The bPay app allows you to easily manage your bPay. It allows you to do the one feature I detest- top-up your bPay wallet. Your bPay wallet is a separate top-up wallet that is connected to your bPay. This standalone wallet has to be manually updated with funds from your actual bank account, but you can set an auto top-up when the wallet gets to a set amount, no less than a fiver. The app is well designed but is very slow to load things, so hopefully you don’t need to use the app a lot! You can name your device, and the app is 5 digit passcode protected which keeps your funds secure. Despite these two good features, you cannot track the device if you loose it, which would have been a great thing to pack.

My overall opinion is quite high of this device because I find it very useful, and the payment is made very quickly. Also, the chip can be used on it’s own so you could tuck it under your watch-strap if you don’t want the ugly sticker, or another wearable.

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