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The Google Play Store Looks Like It Is On Its Way To Chrome OS

The Google Play Store Looks Like It Is On Its Way To Chrome OS

Chrome OS is a solid OS and one that I absolutely love, but there’s a reason why a lot of people don’t like it, it’s limited. Apps for Chromebooks are limited by the very nature of the OS, however over the past several months Google has been slowly adding more and more options to expand the capabilities of the operating system. Tonight we’re hearing that things are about to expand even further.

According to a selection of code within Google’s own source code (seen below), we find a selection that points toward the addition of the Google Play Store, the primary source of Android apps, as an upcoming addition to Chrome OS. As you may know, Google did add the ability to run select Android apps as well as sideloaded options to Chrome OS several months ago, but adoption has been relatively slow. With this change, users would have complete and total access to the complete Play Store library right on their Chromebooks.

<!– Android Apps –>
<message name=”IDS_OPTIONS_ARC_TITLE” desc=”The title of Android Apps section.”>
Android Apps
<message name=”IDS_OPTIONS_ARC_ENABLE” desc=”Label for the checkbox that enables Android apps.”>
Enable Android Apps to run on your Chromebook.
<message name=”IDS_ARC_NOTIFICATION_TITLE” desc=”Title of the first-run notification that enables Android apps.”>
Google Play Store
<message name=”IDS_ARC_NOTIFICATION_MESSAGE” desc=”Description message of the first-run notification that enables Android apps.”>
Over a million apps and games now available on your <ph name=”DEVICE_TYPE”>$1<ex>Chromebook</ex></ph>.

So as you can see, it does seem that the Play Store could be on its way to Chrome OS, and further proof comes from a Reddit user who apparently found the option to enable this functionality. Within his settings menu he found an option that said “Enable Android Apps to run on your Chromebook”. Currently this option does not appear on most devices, so it’s appearance does raise some questions and does point toward the code proving itself true. Furthermore when you enable the option, the dialog box seen in the image above appears which shows that the Play Store has been enabled.


Google has already said in the past that Chrome OS and Android would not be merged, but nonetheless it seems they do have plans to push the two operating systems closer and closer together. Of course take all of this with a huge grain of salt, as things like this do tend to be experimental and don’t always show themselves publicly.

Via: Chrome Story Source: Reddit

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