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TYLT Y-Charge QUIK Car Charger Review

TYLT Y-Charge QUIK Car Charger Review

Charging in the car is a must, and with new devices requiring more and more power, we need as much as we can possibly get in as little time as we can. This need brought about the development of quick charging and the most popular standard available today is Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0. This standard is currently available on dozens of devices and even more accessories. However with most accessories, there’s one problem. These chargers might feature two charging ports, but they are usually one Quick Charge port and one standard port. With TYLT’s Y-Charge QUIK, you get both as Quick Charging ports.

As with most TYLT products, the Y-Charge features a very unique and eye-catching design. However everything still works just as you’d expect. Simply plug the charger into your car’s power port (cigarette lighter) and you’re good to go, once you plug in a cable that is (Note: one is not included).

The compact design of the charger means that it should fit easily into most cars and the spacing between the two USB ports means you don’t have to worry about the cable not fitting, a problem that plagues hundreds of other chargers currently on the market. The charger itself is constructed out of plastic, but it feels nice and is very well made. Like most TYLT products, it’s going to last you a while.


Charging speeds are of course spectacular, with a charge being delivered to compatible devices and filling them up quick. Of course devices that are not compatible with Quick Charge will go a bit slower, but they will still charge at up to 2.4A.

TYLT is set to refresh this product in the coming months with USB C, and when the time comes we’ll take another look at it, but for now it’s nothing short of one of the best car chargers you can buy today. At $39 it’s not cheap, but I’d say it’s well worth it as it is very well made and reliable, as most TYLT products are. If you’re interested, click here or at the link below.


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