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No, You Can’t Even Use A Type C Spec Compliant Fast Charging Method On The LG G5

No, You Can’t Even Use A Type C Spec Compliant Fast Charging Method On The LG G5

Earlier this morning we’ve talked about how using QuickCharge (QC) 3.0 over USB C violates the spec, according to Benson Leung. Upon reading this story, I went on another testing spree to see how the LG G5 does with the OEM Nexus 6P charger — the USB C charger that enables quick charging on the Nexus 5X and 6P with full USB C compliance. Below are my findings.

Of course I used all the most up to date, technical test in my home office that i could, and started off with using the OEM charger and cable on the Nexus 6P. Without any doubt, it started charging just fine and even popped up that it was “Charging Rapidly” — as expected. Next, I used the same configuration on the G5. It started charged but didn’t prompt that it was fast or rapid or anything….sigh. Next I tried one more thing, I plugged the G5 up to my Aukey 5-port desktop charger that also has one QC 2.0 port. I used the QC port along with a standard Aukey USB A-C cable, and low and behold “Fast Charging” popped up on the G5 — GASP! (Also keep in mind that QC 2.0 is also not spec compliant)

One takeaway question that should be in everyone’s minds after this is: what is to come from this new USB C “standard” and our dear old free from Qualcomm, Quick charging?

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