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Crossy Road Picks Up Local Multiplayer And It’ll Probably Divide Friendships

Crossy Road Picks Up Local Multiplayer And It’ll Probably Divide Friendships

Crossy Road was one of the most popular games on mobile devices last year, racking up millions of downloads on every platform it was available on. The easy, causal gameplay made it a hit and today, things get a bit more interesting with the addition of local mulitplayer. With the latest update users will be able to play with up to 3 of their friends in an intense race to be the last one standing.

Crossy Road’s multiplayer consists of a group of 2-4 players attempting to be the last one standing. Everyone sees the same screen on their device and their scores all collect in one pot to go toward the leaderboard. The game continues until all 4 players are out. However where things get interesting is when you can consider what players can do to each other. As you can see if the video above, players can block and push other players in order to get them smooshed or hit by oncoming traffic.

You’ll be able to get to the multiplayer mode from the lower right section of the game’s main menu. Multiplayer is limited to local right now, so everyone will have to be one the same WiFi network to play. It’s unknown if online will come down the road, but we can only hope. So far this update has only debuted on Android, with the iOS update coming this May. If you’re interested in downloading, the link to do so is below.

Crossy Road on Google Play

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