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8GB Of RAM Is Now Standard On The Macbook Air

8GB Of RAM Is Now Standard On The Macbook Air
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With its $999 price point, the 13″ Macbook Air is a solid option for users looking for a portable and reliable computer, but there’s one big drawback, the RAM. To upgrade it costs quite a bit, but now you won’t need to worry about upgrading that base model at all. Rather than coming with 4GB of RAM on the base model, the 13″ Macbook Air now comes with 8GB of RAM on the base model.

Previously just a handful of tabs open on Google Chrome or a few programs open could slow down the device, but now you should be good for quite a while. Granted, the 1440×900 display is still a bit on the low side considering the price of the device (couldn’t we at least get 1080p?). However with this latest upgrade, the 13″ Macbook Air should be a great option for a least a little while longer.

Via: Engadget

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