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What I Don’t Like About The Galaxy S7 Edge

What I Don’t Like About The Galaxy S7 Edge

As I’m sure all of you all know that the S7 Edge is the new hotness from Samsung. Ben and I received our devices on the same day (release day) and have held them for the same time, just to give you guys some perspective on personal handling — same carrier, same size, same color, same device. If you read the review HERE, then you know that, by and large, Ben liked this device. I didn’t. I wanted to share my thoughts in this sort of retraction review about the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Now this list about my grievances isn’t long, but it was enough for me to stick with my beloved Nexus 6P over the S7 Edge. As far as what I liked about the device, I will say it is very speedy in performance, has a more than acceptable camera, and it’s display makes my eyes cry with joy. With any device though, there are it’s pitfalls and that’s what I’m here to -exploit- discuss.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 6.13.30 PM


First and foremost is the build, immediately once I removed it for the box, I was astounded by its size and weight. The S7 Edge is a very thin and light device, too light in fact; the thinness is matched by the slippery nature of its glass back. So the first thing you’ll want to do is skin and case this phone, which frankly sucks because it’s almost a must-do for the S7. Having a phone that requires that level of commitment is a little nerve-wracking and frankly not necessary. The first drop I had with this phone SHATTERED the back, whereas I’m sure other devices would’ve lasted a bit longer. Or maybe that’s just the case will glass phones…

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 6.01.52 PM


Now the S7 edge is a huge fingerprint magnet. It’s seriously bad on some versions of the S7 more than others, such as the Gold being the worst IMO. The silver one that I had wasn’t horrible and if I had a case, I’d notice the back at least a lot less. Those fingerprints affects the front though, and without a good glass screen protector for the S7 Edge, you’ll be wiping your phone all day. Or maybe I just have oily fingers…..


Screen-Palm Detection

A lot of people are experiencing this, I’ve seen, with other saying that there’s a software update going around to help resolve the issue. We all know how software roll-outs go, and since I haven’t gotten a formal answer, I’m to assume it doesn’t totally fix the issue. What Samsung has done with the S7 Edge is curved the glass further than on the S6 Edge+, which may make it look “better”, but now when I hold the device my palms/fingers are constantly touching the screen. As you can imagine this makes it difficult when typing and gaming, and made me super frustrated when using the device for no media consumption needs. Or maybe I just am not holding it right….

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 6.00.15 PM


There’s not too much to say here about the speaker, it’s on the wrong side of the phone and it’s not the best. It’s also not bad but Samsung could’ve done better. Now granted, the sound quality probably had to diminish in order to give the S7 Edge one of it’s better features, the IP68 certification, but the placement is just blah when advertising this as a media device and wanted the consumers to hold it sideways a lot — try it, your hand will cover the speaker naturally. I firmly believe that front facing speakers should be one of the new features Samsung should try on the Note/Next S. at least stereo speakers. Or maybe I should be using headphones…

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 6.01.06 PM

Software annoyances

Lastly, which surprisingly there isn’t too much of if you exclude the palm detection issue, there are small and forgive-able software things that I personally wish were changed. These are things like the persistent add icon in folders when using stock Touchwiz, or the fact that the default behavior of the app drawer is to add downloaded apps on the end even after I press ‘A-Z’ (there’s no persistent change), or the app drawer icon always being to the far right of the dock. Again these are small things and Samsung has made HUGE strides in improving Touchwiz, but I figure since I was “complaining”, I might as well include everything. I also know a lot of people say “well just use a 3rd party launcher”, but if that’s the case then I lose on a lot of Samsung features that I like. Or maybe I should use an alternate home launcher….

All in all, this is just my few reasons that I am not using the Galaxy S7 Edge as a daily anymore now that the review is over. Let me say it is a wondrous device, and I can easily recommend it to many other people that use it, especially if they are more careful than myself and/or plan on using a case with it. Samsung did a lot of things right on this device, but I’ll be waiting on the next Note or easily just a bigger, thicker, Galaxy S7.

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Keyan X

Keyan is a college student who has an intense passion for mobile technology, especially that which revolves around Android. He tries to get his hands on every device that gets released and also on as much Android related swag as possible. You can catch him always connected to his social networks, if you need help, have a question, or just want to chat.


  1. Shrude

    You need to grow a pair.
    On one hand you think the S7 is a “wondrous device” then on the other hand you appreciate the screen and performance but want to have a girly whine and whinge that you probably should pop it in a case to protect it and that you can see your oily fingerprints on it!
    And although the home screen and other screens are 99.99% customisable, you want to suck your thumb that a single icon, the App Drawer can’t be moved.
    The bloody phone is far from “wondrous” The mate, this thing is AWESOME & SENSATIONAL!
    It’s made a lot of nice improvements over the S6, looks great, easy to handle, fast, bright, good battery life, SD Card expansion, IP68 water resistance & a loud speaker (that you probably WOULDN’T shove your hand over) that although isn’t Bose sounds absolutely fine for a PHONE.

    Personally, after spending close to $1,000AUD on this device, it’s a no brainer to want to protect it and with the plethora of choices available with skins, cases, housings and sleeves, WHY WOULDN’T YOU??

    I have a very nice leather case (No flip flap magnet clasp thingy) that holds a couple of business cards or a few bill$ if you wish quite nicely. You can close the case while talking and if I drop the phone there is a strong ABS base it clips into that offers extra defense over the leather to protect the corners.

    What YOU NEED to do is PAY FOR one of these phones and actually use it for a few months to realise a real experience with it.
    You don’t even need the App Drawer. With the amount of shortcuts you can create on the EDGE SCREEN, Voice commands using Google to bring up contacts, GPS or anything else you hardly need to go off your home screen.
    It’s paired to the car, so it’s always hands free there. I don’t use my phone for MP3 (or headphones) I have a USB with about 70 GB of music in the car .
    Although I do,…. going to my S. Planner (calendar / diary) to the left of the main menu (you can remove that horrible Briefing widget that comes by default).
    I find the phone is awesome, the camera is the finest in the industry now and along with my calendar / S Planner that’s all I use it for. Rarely loading up a game of mahjong.
    It’s NOT a gaming device either.

    • Connor Jewiss

      Look mate, I don’t know why I’m bothering to reply but the only one who needs to grow a pair is you. Opinions can change while you use something, and I’m pretty sure Keyan is entitled to his own opinion especially since he HAS bought the device. Read your comment again, and come back to me when you see what’s wrong with it. —Rant Over—

    • Keyan X

      I really with I had read this earlier after I posted it.

      You’re comment has a lot of error but I think I get your general points. First off, I didn’t say the S7 Edge was a bad device, I said *I* didn’t like it. I even said I could easily recommend it. Just because I didn’t buy it doesn’t mean I can justify not liking it. Plus I had the device for over a month before posting this, starting on the day it came out.

      I’m glad you like it, it’s a good phone, but the reasons you listed don’t apply to me. I don’t use cases, I don’t care for the over sensitive curved screen, I actually use my phone for music almost everyday so speaker is important and the S6 was better, and I use apps so yes I need to go off my home screen quite often.

      I didn’t talk about the S7 Edge being a gaming device, I said it’s performance could easily handle games (especially with Samsung raving about their Vulcan API being an important new feature on this devicw). I also said the camera was great just not the best in one area.

      It’s ok to have disagreeing opinions on things, doesn’t mean I’m wrong or that it’s impossible to see my view. Maybe the fact the AUS price is so much higher than the US price, you have a different outlook on phones. Or maybe since I deal with many phones daily, most of them great, I get the chance to pick st the small things that I don’t care much for. Either way I hope you read this.

      Have a great one mate!


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