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The CoWatch Is The First Smartwatch That Uses The Same Voice Controls As The Amazon Echo

The CoWatch Is The First Smartwatch That Uses The Same Voice Controls As The Amazon Echo

There have been hundreds of failed crowdfunding products, but for whatever reason smartwatches are the exception. The Pebble and several other smartwatches have successfully gone from crowdfunding to market without many hiccups, and today there’s a new option, the CoWatch. This new “high end wearable” packs a full circular display (no flat tire) with a 400×400 resolution along with a 1.2GHz processor (likely a Snapdragon 400).


The real highlight of the CoWatch however is that it uses the same voice controls as the Amazon Echo, Alexa. Amazon opened the API for Alexa earlier this year and the CoWatch is the first device not made by Amazon to use it. The watch will be able to respond to all of the same voice commands as something like the Echo, but right on your wrist.

The company claims that they have built the watch with “Android and Google veterans” even though the only former Google employee works in sales. The project is currently being funded on Indiegogo. They are aiming for an $80,000 goal, but keep in mind that you’ll be involved with flex funding, so even if they don’t get the goal, you’ll still be paying. Keep in mind though that they already have initial units in production and full production scheduled for June, so really this Indiegogo campaign is more of a marketing push and a way for customers to get an early discount. Pricing starts at $159 for early backers.



Source: Indiegogo

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