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You Can Get An Extra 2GB Of Data On Verizon For Using Android Pay

You Can Get An Extra 2GB Of Data On Verizon For Using Android Pay

Verizon has today announced a new promo in collaboration with Google that gives users 2GB of extra data free of charge just for using Android Pay. This free data is valid for up to two full billing cycles, but as with most promotions like this, there’s a catch, but relax, it’s not a big one.

Verizon says in the promo that users will be able to redeem the first free GB by using Android Pay in supported stores, then if you continue using the service two more times, Verizon will give you the second free GB. Make sense so far? Little confused? Here’s the simple explanation, use Android Pay 3 separate times, 2GB of free data will be applied to your account once you’ve redeemed it through the Android Pay application.

This promotion is open to all Verizon postpaid customers who are using “The Verizon Plan” or a “MORE Everything Plan” (don’t worry, odds are you’re eligible). The deal runs from today through 6/14/16 and you need to redeem the 2GB before 7/13/16 through the Android Pay app.

We already love our devices for everything from communicating and entertainment, now they’re even more useful with mobile payments.  Starting today, you can enjoy 2 GB of free Verizon data, good for two billing cycles, when using Android Pay. Simply open the app to get started. Tap anywhere in stores where NFC payments are accepted and receive 1 GB of free data.  On your third tap, we’ll throw in another free gig.

Source: Verizon


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