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HTC Hot Deals Cuts The One A9 To $389, Nexus 9 40% Off

HTC Hot Deals Cuts The One A9 To $389, Nexus 9 40% Off
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HTC is reactivating their “hot deals” yet again today where they are offering huge discounts on their smartphones, tablets, and accessories. Today you’ll be able to score the HTC One M9 for $399, the HTC One A9 for $389, and the Nexus 9 for up to 40% off ($239 and up). Aside from those highlights, you’ll also be able to pick up an HTC Desire 626 smartphone for as little at $149. The HTC Re is also available for up to 60% off.

The real highlight of this deal in my eyes is the HTC One A9 for $389. At it’s usual $499 price point, the A9 can be a tough pill to swallow, but at this lower $389 price, it’s actually a pretty solid deal. This pricing applies to the unlocked, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint models of the device in any color of your choosing. The Nexus 9 is also a solid deal at this price however at the time of writing most models are out of stock. If you’re interested, the links to buy are below.

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