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HP Unveils The Ultra Thin New Spectre 13 Windows Laptop Along With A New Logo

HP Unveils The Ultra Thin New Spectre 13 Windows Laptop Along With A New Logo

HP has today unveiled their latest consumer laptop, the Spectre 13. This new Windows 10 powered laptop brings plenty of power and specifications for the average consumer, but it’s designed for one thing, to be insanely thin. At just 10.4mm thin, the Spectre 13 is nearly 3mm thinner than Apple’s already impressively thin 12 Inch Macbook. In fact, this laptop is just about as thick as a AAA battery, which is just crazy when you think about.


The Spectre 13 also doesn’t skimp on the specs with an Intel Core i5 or i7 powering the show along with the 13.3″ 1080p display, 8GB of RAM, and up to 256GB of storage through the SSD. Battery life is also rated at 9.5 hours, which is pretty decent considering the specifications.

This laptop also features a metal and carbon fiber build to give the laptop a sturdy and solid feel. At 2.45 pounds, it’s lighter than most laptops but ever so slightly heavier than the comparable 12 inch Macbook from Apple which HP is pitching this against. It also features an array of different ports including a USB C port which it uses for charging.

On the back of the laptop you’ll also notice a new logo which features a more edgy and flashy appearance. HP says this is the logo they’ll be using on consumer devices from this point forward, however enterprise machines will continue to use the older circular logo.

HP will make the Spectre 13 available starting April 25th from various online and retail outlets with pricing starting at $1169, which is not bad if you ask me.

Source: HP

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