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Lupo – The Bluetooth Tracker Review | #GSL16

Lupo – The Bluetooth Tracker Review | #GSL16
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Early this week I went to the Gadget Show Live. There were some really cool gadgets there, and my full write up is coming soon. Lupo, a Bluetooth tracker, was one of those gadgets.

Lupo is a bluetooth tracker for your personal belongings. You can hang it on your keys, put it in your bag, leave it your car; whatever you do with it, it will tell you were you left your belonging. I’m in a restaurant, on my way out my keys (with Lupo on them) fall out of my pocket. I get a notification on my phone when I’m out of it’s range. If I miss the notification is saves the last known location so I can see where I left them when I get home.

Lupo is a great device to have. It can also help if you’ve misplaced your keys or another item in your home. On the app you can sound an alarm to be played from the Lupo to help you find your lost item. It can be used the other way too, to find your phone, from your Lupo.

The Lupo app is avalibale for iOS and Android, but at the time of writing the iOS app is more developed than the Android app. The iOS app is compatible with any Apple device running iOS 7 or later. The Android works with any Android device running 4.3 or later. Lupo is not very big, the perfect size for a keyring. You can also use Lupo as a shutter button for when you are taking photos.

Lupo comes with Bluetooth 4.0, a CR2016 replaceable battery that lasts 12 months. The Bluetooth transmission distance on the Lupo is about to 50m. When the alarm goes on your Lupo, it rings at 80dB.The Bluetooth on the Lupo works extremely well, and when calling the device is very quick to make a sound.

The only slightly negative thing I would say is that at the time of writing, on the Android app you have to leave the app in your app drawer for it to update automatically. Despite the slight flaw on the Android app, the Lupo is a great gadget for you to own, especially if you often lose or misplace things. Lupo comes in at a fabulous price of £20 on Amazon which is roughly $30.

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