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The Gadget Show Live 2016 | #GSL16

The Gadget Show Live 2016 | #GSL16

If you’re in the UK, your Twitter feed you might have been seeing #GSL16 for the last few days and will do until Sunday. This was for the Gadget Show Live! The UK’s biggest technology exhibition, and I was able to go yesterday!

For the last 4 years the popular UK television show The Gadget Show has delivered a live event showcasing the latest in tech, and the upcoming tech developments. This year much was delivered in an all action event.

All four presenters of the show Amy, Ortis, Jason, and Jon presented a live action-packed episode of the show which was filmed for an episode on the telly. In this live show, prizes were given away every five minutes! The show was great showcasing the two best technologies of the year: Swegways and VR. A performance of Swegway dancers was shown, and Jason and Ortis showed their magic skills in the ultimate test of tech vs a professional magician, Jamie Raven. The latest craze of vinyl records was proven to be not as good as MP3 with a live performance of music, and a blind test of the same song played on vinyl record and MP3. MP3 won!

All the stalls and all the people of #GSL16.

All the stalls and all the people of #GSL16.

Outside the Super Theatre was an event much like CES. With stalls from major companies such as Yale, ADT, Samsung, HTC, Nvidia, Tesla, Dolby, Nest, and TomTom; to small companies such as iSwegway, Blue Fin, and 3DU; and even ex-Kickstarter companies that have become successful such as Curiscope and iFindYou.

The security companies were there showcasing their smart security systems which can be used as a Smart Home system. Yale has actually partnered up with Samsung’s Smart Things to bring high level security to your smart home.

HTC, Nvidia, Oculus, and Samsung were their showcasing their VR systems. I got to test out all of the solutions to virtual reality and I must say I’m impressed. VR is not that new, but it was great to compare each company’s solution easily on the same day.

There were companies there showing their products that were Bluetooth trackers, stopping you from loosing anything, and allowing you to find them easily if you do. These are great because not only do they use Bluetooth to tell you when you’ve walked off from it, it stores the location using your phone’s GPS when you walk away from it so if you miss or ignore the alert, you can see where you left it. Lupo and iFindYou offer great products that do exactly this, check out my posts of them also on the site.


There were many companies there showing their drones. Parrot was their giving demonstrations of synchronized droning (yes that is a real thing) and how their drones work. There was a new company there called Follow Me Drone that have a drone (very similar to the Lily) that follows you with a wrist tracker watch and records in 4K video.

There was even a company at the event that 3D-printed life-size or action-figure sized models of yourself. I got scanned and could have purchased a mini-Connor or a Connor-2.0 but despite them being cool, they were very expensive. This service was offered by a company called Backface which is a small company based in the UK.


There were lots of smaller companies there offering their smart home solutions. There were lots of products that offered similar products to Samsung’s Smart Things, and some where you can buy some the units separately. Ranging from WiFi plugs that you can control from an app, to an add on which automatically pulls your blind strings down at pre-programmed times or as and when you need it. A familiar company called Ring was there. They were showing their smart doorbell. It has motion detection, live video, night vision, two way communication, and you can see it all from your smartphone; in face everyone can because the master can add as many people as they want to have access to the doorbell.

There were lots of gaming companies there offering their latest simulation hardware as well as video game software for consoles already available such as PlayStations or Xboxs. A company called DiRT RALLY were there offering their fully immersive, but not virtual simulation of a dirt rally in the unique Motion TL3 Simulator. This works with three projectors merging a surrounding image from a central PC unit, with lots of speakers all around you in your little simulation bubble. They also have a PS4 game which is available. The live PES League UK 2016 finals were hosted at the Gadget Show Live, and visitors to the event could watch and take part. The RAF was there showcasing their latest technology in simulations and training equipment for their pilots. Among many video game companies were stalls where you could test out these games on consoles.


iFit was there showing their new fitness trackers and their fitness tracking trainers which looked amazing. There were other fitness companies there showing their fitness tracking devices such as TomTom showing their watches, and Withings with their fitness trackers. There were even folding water bottles easy for running or cycling!

Transportation is quite a large playing field, but with Segways, UniWheels, Swegways, Hoverbaords, foldable pushchairs, and foldable bikes there are some fun ways to get around. UniWheel, iSwegway, and Blue Fin were there showing their really fun ways to get around, and some ways to possibly explode in your face… All jokes aside these are some very safe and very fun, autonomous ways to get around and show off to your friends (unless you fall off).

Dolby was their with their partners Epson, and Superfi. They had a mock-up home cinema system with the latest sound system from Dolby- Dolby Atmos. It was fully immersive and great fun to experience such great sound in what you could call a living room. All though it costs a lot (and I mean a lot) it is very noticeable which was great!

There were lots of sound companies there showing their headphones and speakers, Bluetooth and wired. A company called Otone were there showing their portable speakers and their wired on-ear headphones with noise cancelling options, and their unique option which is noise cancelling but boosts the base because lots of the base is lost with the technology that cancels out the noise. They sound great and are definitely worth the slightly hefty price tag, but it’s not too pricey. Azatom were there too, and they have lots of headphones, in-ear, on-ear, wired and Bluetooth, as well as their portable and non-portable speakers. These sound equally as good but aren’t so high-tech, yet they are less expensive. A small company called Pump were there. They do wired, on-ear headphones, and they had one of their most signature products a levitating speaker. This one is more of a flat one but looks funky coming in lots of bright colours. They are currently working on Bluetooth in-ear headphones which look great!

Cars. Probably the most used piece of technology. We’re getting more reliant on tech and to support us, the cars have to boost their ‘brain power’ and fast. Tesla were there giving test drives and showcasing their new models of cars. Peugeot were also at the Gadget Show Live and they were also showcasing their new cars, their cars that are fitted with the evolving in-car software which is looking great, and fully interactive; for a car at least.

Me and one of the presenters Jon after the live show!

Me and one of the presenters Jon after the live show!

There were so many companies at the event showing off their latest gadgets. Ricoh was there with the 360 camera. There were just so many to get around to. With foldable extra monitors, 3D screen protectors, gardening equipment, cooking equipment, iPad beanie holders, heat packs for those cold mornings, beauty treatment, health and hair treatment tech, and massage tech. It was great to see the tech that’s already available and will be available soon. I think to say that the future of tech is looking great and that we certainly have a lot to look forward to.

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