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Nintendo Enters The Mobile Space With Miitomo

Nintendo Enters The Mobile Space With Miitomo
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Many of us have asked when Nintendo would enter the mobile space. As eyes shift away from their hardware it has behooved the Japanese company to shift their attention. Sony, Microsoft, Steam, and other gaming platforms have started to shift towards mobile with an emphasis towards our gamer ID’s. On many apps, we can see our friends, communicate with them, purchase and share games and gameplay. Why would we think that Nintendo would do the same thing?

Nintendo’s first effort is actually concentric around their Mii platform. Miis are our virtual representation of ourselves through avatars that gives us a cartoon like presence in the Wii universe. At this point there is no Gamer ID management, no library management, no games to purchase, but Nintendo is aiming to expand their Mii virtual representation and then will probably build around that.

The app UI and UX are very Nintendo by nature. The sounds and sights are cartoonish but accessible. As seen in my screenshot tour of the setup, we are essentially required to create a new Mii character. I just used the camera feature to create my Mii and it looks fairly close. It will take several photos and allow users to make the most similar representation. From there, I can adjust the personality to make me more bubbly or serious and then my voice pattern to be deeper or slower.

After a few minutes of setting up my Mii I was then put into a virtual space or background where I am rewarded gold to buy clothing or answer questions about myself to make my avatar more conversational with others. By answering questions such as “Favorite Food?” I’m giving my character a little more…character.

There is a virtual game called Mitomo drop which gives a user an opportunity with to win outfits or other prizes. For those who are more social media savvy, there is a Miifoto feature which allows some interaction within the app and with friends on social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or everywhere. Being 42, I don’t think I’m the target demographic of this application, but I know younger people would enjoy the personality and its interactions.

While I would have wanted to see a more practical application from Nintendo, I cannot say I’m surprised to see their first dip into the mobile waters be centered around Miis. Ultimately I’d love to play some Nintendo titles on my phone or tablet, but until then I’ll be happy dressing up my little virtual representation of me and answering personal questions for my inquisitive friends. The application which has been available in Japan now all month, and it’s now available in the US. I’m not aware of availability worldwide, but if you cannot access Mitomo, let us know in the comments.

Miitomo on Google Play Miitomo on the iOS App Store

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