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How To Get Super-Wide-Angle Pictures On Any Smartphone

How To Get Super-Wide-Angle Pictures On Any Smartphone

Have you ever wished that you could get a little more out of the picture you took? Perhaps wanting to capture the entire area, rather than just a select part. You could of course use a panorama, but even better, you could use a wide-angle lens. One I’ve been testing out lately from Aukey offers an insane 238° field of view, and it’s compatible with any device.


This lens attaches to your device using by slipping over the top of the standard camera. It should fit on any phone, although some thicker ones might have a bit of difficulty. I tried it on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, the Nexus 6P, the Blackberry Priv, and also a Galaxy Note 5 with no issues at all. One note however is that unless you’re using a very thin case, you’ll need to take it off.

In terms of the actual image quality, it’s pretty good, all things considered. Any smartphone lens is going to cause distortion, and this is no different. Overall the image isn’t affected too much, but you’ll notice that around the edges things get very distorted.


At $39, this lens is not a bad deal. It’s not for everyone, but for the price, it’s a useful tool for increasing the capabilities or your smartphone’s camera. If you’re interested in picking one up, check it out on Amazon.

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