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LG’s CAM Plus Module For The G5 Will Run You $70

LG’s CAM Plus Module For The G5 Will Run You $70
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LG’s new G5 smartphone was an exciting highlight of MWC 2016 last month, however the biggest selling point of that device is without a doubt it’s modular design. Users can easily swap the standard battery door for something a little more functional. At MWC LG announced two of the optional “friends” for the G5, a HiFi audio DAC, and the CAM Plus, an attachment that adds manual camera controls and a bit of extra battery life. Unfortunately at MWC, LG neglected to announce pricing details, however today that has changed.

Retailer B&H Photo has today listed on their website the LG CAM Plus for $69.99. the module is now up for pre-order, so obviously pricing could change, but odds are this is the final price point we’ll see.

While the near $70 price point certainly won’t be great for everyone, it’s certainly not unreasonable for what you’re getting. LG’s other module, the HiFi Plus, has yet to be listed online so for now pricing is completely unknown on that product. As the LG G5 nears availability around the globe however, we should learn more regarding pricing on these modules as well as other future modules that should release down the road.


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Source: B&H Photo

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