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What To Expect From Apple’s March 21st Event

What To Expect From Apple’s March 21st Event
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A couple of days ago, Apple finally sent out invites to their upcoming March 21st event. The event is set to be held at the companies Cupertino campus and will be somewhat of a smaller event due to the venue size. Despite this, the event is still rumored to contain quite a few exciting announcements. We have kept our ears to the ground and scoured the internet in an attempt to separate fact from fiction when it comes to these rumors and here’s what we came up with. This is what to expect from the event.

Let’s get right to the meat of the announcements, shall we? We are 99.9% sure that Apple will be announcing a new iPhone at this event. This will not be the iPhone 7 though, instead it will be a smaller 4-inch iPhone. It will likely be called the “iPhone SE,” which supposedly stands for “Special Edition” and is targeted at those of you out there who miss the smaller form factor that older iPhones offered. Not much else is known about the device other than it will likely contain close to or the same internals as the iPhone 6S.

Next up we have a new iPad. This one is a tad bit difficult since there have been so many different rumors surrounding it. What seems to be the most prevalent of these rumors though is that this mysterious new iPad will essentially be a smaller iPad Pro. A good way to sum up this rumored device is a 9.7-inch iPad Air with all of the great features of an iPad Pro such as stylus support and maybe even Apple’s Smart Connectors. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much “without a doubt” information when it comes to this new iPad’s specs so we aren’t going to throw anything on the table when it comes to that.

Last up in the hardware section of the event is the Apple Watch. Don’t get too excited just yet, despite some rumors, we likely won’t see any new actual Apple watches at this event. What Apple will likely unveil though are new watchbands for the Apple Watch. The most anticipated of these new bands is the black Milanese Loop band. It has been spotted in the wild and rumored to be coming for a very long time, but Apple has yet to actually sell it to the public. On top of this band, Apple will surely have some other new bands as well that we all just have to wait to see.

Then we have the software side of Apple’s event. You can pretty much expect updated software for all of Apple’s current platforms to be unveiled at this event. iOS 9.3, tvOS 9.2, OS X 10.11.4, and watchOS 2.2 are all supposedly going to be unveiled and likely released to the public at the event. But don’t forget about Apple’s pride and joy, iTunes. Rumors point to a significant update to iTunes being shown off at this event that will hopefully eliminate many pain points that the program has acquired over the years.

So there you have it, Apple’s March 21st event in a nutshell. Be sure to keep in mind that all of this information is based off rumors and leaks, nothing is set in stone or confirmed as factual. We will all just have to wait until March 21st to see what Apple actually has in store for the world.

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