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Rhinoshield Crash Guard Bumper For Nexus 6P Review

Rhinoshield Crash Guard Bumper For Nexus 6P Review

One of the best things we can do for our devices is protect them from harm — just like a baby, these are our tech babies. While this can be done to the extreme with big bulky cases, a lot of us like to keep our phones’ changes to a minimum. A way to do that is by using a bumper, you get to protect the sides of your device (which are the main points of impact) while still being able to look at the phone’s design.

Now you may be thinking that only protecting the sides doesn’t really keep the phone protected since the front and back are exposure, well Evolutive Labs is here to give you your cake and let you eat it too. Evolutive Labs developed a bumper case that is not of attractive but also protects your phone from accidental drop/impact damage. The case is called the Rhino Shield – Crash Guard, and I just received it for the Nexus 6P, one of the new devices they manufacture cases for.

The main question here is if the Crash Guard bumper can be as protective as a regular case but still function like a bumper. Personally I’m more or a fan of minimal cases and bumpers instead of the bulky more (obviously) protective cases, so my testing of this case was enjoyable. You can also see more visuals after the review in my video at the bottom. For now though, let’s dive into this case’s details.


The case has a smooth plastic coating covering the inner (obviously feeling) rubber coating. If you look to the insides of the bumper, you’ll notice the honeycomb/hexagonal design that protects your phone if it drops — It’s actually a weirdly satisfying nice look to the bumper. Also, as far as the general shape of the case, you’ll notice the top and bottom sides are angled upward. The top I understand due to the camera hump, the bottom may just be to either even it out, or to add a little more protection to the bottom.

There are cutouts for the charging and headphone ports, while the power and volume buttons are covered. Those covered buttons do somewhat make the power and volume buttons harder to press, but I guess it’s worth it for protection. On the bottom of the right side is Rhinoshiled embossed in the bumper — in case you forget.


More important than how the case look is how it feels, how it functions, and is it worth it. When on the phone, it does add some bulk to the Nexus 6P. More bulk than a normal bulk but still nowhere as near as have an actually protective case on your device. The main thing you’ll notice the first few times you wield your phone with the Rhinoshield bumper on is the added width on your device. It’s noticeable but you get over it with time. Also depending on what accessories you have on your device, like with mine and my tempered glass, the bumper may fit a little loose in areas since there’s a lip to protect your screen and back.

Yet, there main claim to fame is that their bumper protects your device from up to 11.5’ feet. I can vouch for up to 9ft personally, as can be seen in my video below, but I’ve also seen video of others dropping their phone from 11’ feet and even higher! The bumper itself may scuff (didn’t with mine) but the phone won’t get hurt. It’s amazing to see how much protection a bumper can provide.


So in the end the final questions are: is this case worth it, and should I buy one? The Rhinoshield is definitely worth the only $25 that it costs. More protective case can be 3 times the cost and only provide the same amount of protection. If you’re one to like a sort of minimalism, or just like seeing the design of your phone but are a little prone to dropping it now and then, then this case is just for you.

If you’re looking to get this case for your Nexus 6P, Galaxy S7, iPhone 6s’ or other variety of phones, then check out Evolutive Labs’ site down below. They also have the Play Proof which is essentially the Crash Guard with a backpiece. Check out my video below to see the Crash Guard in action then head on over to Evolutive Labs to purchase one.


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