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Kickstarter Campaign To Add NFC To Your Pebble Earns Over $200K

Kickstarter Campaign To Add NFC To Your Pebble Earns Over $200K


Last month we wrote about a Kickstarter campaign to add NFC and contactless payment to your Pebble Time (PT, PTS, or PTR only) watch.  A month ago, Pagaré (Spanish for I will pay) only had raised about $45,000. I didn’t say this in my original article, but I had wondered how many people would want to join in on yet another contactless payment system. Pagaré does not use Apple Pay or Android Pay, instead, they’re using a system run by FitPay. All NFC contactless payment systems work the same. If a merchant advertises that they accept Apple Pay, then you can also use Android Pay and FitPay. I also wondered if people would pay $89 (Kickstarter prices are lower than the MSRP) for the special strap to do so.  Well, I guess people will pay to add NFC to their watch because as of this writing, over 2,700 people have pledged over $200K for the chance to do so. This exceeds the Kickstarter goal by about $60,000.


Sure, I would love the ability to just tap my watch (I use a ASUS ZenWatch 2) to a terminal to make a payment, but for $89 I think I’ll just stick with pulling my phone out of my pocket or wait until I’m ready to upgrade to a future Android Wear smartwatch with this feature built-in.

If you own a Pebble Time watch and wish to jump in on the Kickstarter campaign, you have until 7 AM EST on March 9th.

Source: Kickstarter

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