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How To Completely “Google-ify” Your Android Smartphone Without Rooting It

How To Completely “Google-ify” Your Android Smartphone Without Rooting It
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Google-ify. What does it mean? Transform something into the Googleyest it can be!

This guide is to tell you how to completely Google-ify your Android phone. Although Android is Google’s mobile software, each manufacturer such as LG or Samsung have a different UI for the Android OS. Follow these steps to get the full Googleyness out of your Android phone in the Googleiest way!


There are two launchers for you to use to completely Google-ify your phone. These two launchers are the Google Now Launcher from Google, and the KKM- M Launcher from KKM Apps.

Google Now Launcher

The Google Now Launcher is the stock launcher on the new Nexus devices. It features a look with the folder icons stacked in a line. This launcher also allows you to swipe to the left for the Google App, without even opening the app! Along with the launcher comes the Android Marshmallow app drawer with all of the apps in an alphabetical order. You can download this launcher on Android phones with Jelly Bean (4.1) or later.

KKM M Launcher

The M Launcher is very similar to the stock Android Marshmallow launcher, but has more customisability. This particular launcher offers more themes, but still keeps the Google App one swipe away. This launcher also offers in-app purchases for extra features. It even comes with the A-Z app drawer like the Google Now Launcher! This launcher requires an Android phone with Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) and up.

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There is only one lockscreen that offers the stock Google look, that is good to use. This is the KKM M Locker.

KKM M Locker

The KKM M Locker is a very high quality lockscreen which is sleek, looks like the Nexus’ stock Android Marshmallow lockscreen. You can also have the weather on the screen, a few different themes, notifications, and music control. You can put security on the lockscreen, and obviously put whatever wallpaper you want on it. The lockscreen comes with the feature to toggle on and off it’s own status bar and the stock one, even with the Android Marshmallow pull-down window fit with toggles, exclusively on the lockscreen despite your Android version.

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There are some apps for your Android device which are designed by Google, which changes the experience from stock.


You’ve undoubtedly heard of the Google Calendar app, which replaces the stock calendar. It has the exact same features, except that it will sync from everywhere as long as you use the Google Calendar app or site. It can be quite a hassle to transfer everything, but the sleek design is worth it in my opinion.

The main screen of the calendar app.


The Google Clock is an app designed by Google which replaces the stock app. It comes with the World Clock, Timer, Stopwatch, and alarms, in a colourful design matching the time. The app incorporates the Material Design look very well.

How to edit the alarms, plus the Material Design look of the whole app.


The Google Messenger is the new app which is a replacement from either using Hangouts for SMS, or your stock SMS app. It comes with Material Design, and floating action buttons, as well as different colours for each contact and a little contact avatar with the texts in a speech bubble from all of the people in the conversation. It looks great, it works great, and is quite frankly a lot better than Hangouts, and so much better than the stock app.

A sample of a conversation using Google's SMS app.

All of the above Google apps require Android 4.2 or Android 4.4 at least.


So there you have it, this is how you can completely Google-ify your Android phone. Please find below the links to download each of the apps featured in this app. It would also help to have the stock Android Marshmallow wallpapers. You can find these with a Google search or through apps in the Play Store.

Have you got the full Googleyness out of your Android phone?

Download Links

All images from the Google Play Store.

Google Now Launcher KKM- M Launcher KKM- M Locker Calendar Clock Messenger

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  1. Estibex

    There’s so much launcher that follow Google guidelines, such as Nova, Action 3, X Launcher, M Launcher ect, as for the locker i think C Locker is the most customizable locker out there, well if you choose appearances more than security i think CLocker would be the best locker for you.