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Pandora App Updated With A Gorgeous New Interface

Pandora App Updated With A Gorgeous New Interface

Pandora has been a staple of nearly everyones streaming experience at least sometime in the past few years. While the desktop site looks and works well, the same can’t be said for the mobile apps. They work, sure, but they certainly aren’t that attractive. However, that has now changed. Pandora has updated their Android app with a brand new, and quite beautiful new interface.

The app throws away it’s primarily blue interface, at least for the most part, in exchange for a primarily white interface which looks fantastic, at least in my opinion. While it still isn’t true Material Design, it does incorporate a lot more elements of the standard Android design language. Many of the buttons and transitions have also been updated and they also look much better.

An important note is that this update is not available as a Google Play update (or APK). The change will take place on the server side and should appear on your device soon. It has already appeared on most of my own devices, so just be patient if it has not appeared for you as of yet.

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