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LoHi Genuine Leather Apple Watch Strap Review

LoHi Genuine Leather Apple Watch Strap Review
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Our smartphones are very personal items, but smartwatches are even more personal. They are something that you constantly wear, which means that everyone that you encounter can see it on you. Because of this, most people pay much more attention to how their smartwatch looks and the easiest way to do this with the Apple Watch is to change the watch strap.

Of course, when choosing a new Apple Watch strap you could go with an official Apple strap, but those are pretty pricey. This is where LoHi has got you covered. They offer a black, genuine leather Apple Watch strap that cost half as much as the cheapest official Apple strap. It also has a shiny metal clasp that looks good paired with the black leather of the strap itself. Flip the strap over and you will be greeted with brown leather printed with the words “Genuine Leather.”

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On the more detailed side of things, the LoHi strap has 7 holes for adjusting the strap to the size of your wrist. I personally have smaller wrists and the strap fit me just fine. It also includes two separate loops for sliding the strap through in order to keep the strap sitting flush against your wrist. Both of these things make the LoHi strap a good fit for virtually any wrist size and also keep it secure on any wrist size.

During my use with the LoHi strap I never really encountered any issues with it whatsoever. It looked decent, felt decent, and did what it was designed to do, keep my Apple watch on my wrist. So in that case, I don’t have any complaints about the strap. If you like leather then you should definitely consider the LoHi strap, especially considering its cheaper price tag.

If you are considering picking up a LoHi Apple Watch strap, you can get one from Amazon by clicking the link below.

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