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Urban Armor Gear Card Case For iPhone 6S Plus Review

Urban Armor Gear Card Case For iPhone 6S Plus Review
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iPhones have a lot of devoted fans and users that will agree that they are beautiful devices. Specifically, the iPhone 6S Plus. It’s big, made of metal, and super thin, but not too thin. Unfortunately, this causes an issue with the ergonomics of the device. The device being so thin and made of metal makes it very slippery in the hand, slippery enough to make almost anyone want to put a case on it almost immediately. That’s where Urban Armor Gear may be able to help you.

There are a plethora of iPhone 6S Plus cases out there made by just about every smartphone case maker that exists. Despite this, the Urban Armor Gear Card Case for the iPhone 6S Plus still manages to stand out. It has a bold look about it while also offering a great functionality, it can store your credit cards. That’s actually want to I want to talk about first when it comes to the Card Case.

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On the back of the Card Case, you will find a small lip located on the left center. Pull on this lip and the entire back of the case will flip open revealing a slot to store your credit cards. I was able to fit four cards in this slot at once, so if you’re a person that carries around a lot of cards then this may not appeal to you. Also, this slot is not ideal for storing cash. One more gripe about the card slot is that opening the back of the case to get to it can be a pain as it is difficult to open at times. Although, this may have been done on purpose by the folks at Urban Armor Gear so that the case could not be accidentally opened, exposing your valuable credit cards or drivers license.

Now let’s focus on what’s important here, how well the case protects your iPhone and how it feels in the hand. First off, the case is thick. This is to be expected though due to the card slot on the back of the case, this requires extra thickness. But this could be looked at as a positive, the durable rubber/plastic that the case is made of combined with its thickness makes the case feel very strong. In fact, the entire time that I had this case on my personal iPhone, I never really felt worried about dropping it. I knew that if I did the case would likely do a great job at protecting my device. Plus, the case just has a nice rubbery feel to it so I never really had a problem holding it. The thickness of the case can be a tad bit annoying though, if you’re holding the case for a long period of time.

Overall, the Urban Armor Gear Card Case is a great choice if you’re looking for a more rugged case or a case that can store your credit cards. If you’re interested you can order one from the Urban Armor Gear website for $45 dollars in an assortment of colors. Just click on the link below.

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