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This Is The Removable Battery For The LG G5

This Is The Removable Battery For The LG G5

It’s been rumored for quite some time that the upcoming LG G5 would come with a “magic slot” that allows for the battery to be removed and even for modules. Today the removable battery has leaked, and it looks pretty cool.

The battery very clearly slides into the bottom of the device with the bottom bezel being removable. This could allow for other modules to be added to the device later on. One that has already leaked shows what appears to be a camera module that includes physical buttons for zoom, flash, and for the shutter as well.


Other modules could be added later on bringing features such as improved speakers, extra battery power, and much more. It is unknown however if 3-party manufacturers will be able to make these modules.

All should be revealed on Sunday, February 21st, when the LG G5 is announced ahead of MWC.

Via: Android Central

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