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In The Market for A Smartphone With A Removable Battery? Use This Chart!

In The Market for A Smartphone With A Removable Battery? Use This Chart!
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There are many of you out that still enjoy the ability to take out your battery when it’s dying and swap it for a fresh one, unfortunately I’m not in your group but I understand where you’re coming from. For you guys that are though, we have an interactive chart linked below that can really help you hone in on your next purchase.

The chart is hosted by and gives amazing control over the phones you see. The chart shows all phones that are applicable to your requirements in a bubble graph in the middle of the page. You can select the amount of money for the price of the phones (unlocked price), screen size, RAM amount, etc. to narrow the selection to maybe two or three phones that catch your eye. The phone included also range from oldies such as the old Blackberry’s and the Galaxy S2 to the newest of phones with removable batteries like the Galaxy Note 4 and LG G4.

This tool should help any potential buyers out there narrow down the field for their next purchase quite significantly. Who knows, maybe once you narrow it down you can use Mr. Phone to help you figures out the best band for your buck. Click the button below to start your search over on ProductChart.

Via: ProductChart

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