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Lenovo Yoga 900 Review

Lenovo Yoga 900 Review
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With every passing device release, consumers tend to demand more and more out of the companies who make them. There tends to always be something wrong with a product that leaves a nasty taste in consumers mouths. With the Yoga 900, though, I’m having trouble finding the bad taste.


When it comes to hardware on the lenovo Yoga 900, it doesn’t get much better. the build it extremely sturdy and well put together. It’s almost completely made of metal except for the interior.

While the device is super slim, it does pack a massive punch with what the internals are, but that’ll come later. The Yoga 900 looks absolutely fantastic for whatever you may want to use it for. One huge thing to note is the watchband hinge it has. The hinge is insanely awesome and i love it. Everywhere I bring the laptop, I get looks. The hinge is smoothly and allows for full 360 degree rotation.


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When it comes to connectivity, on the left are a couple cool ports. Obviously, it has an SD card slot (which also supports MMC, SDXC, SDHC) and a USB 3.0 port. But something that’s impressive is the fact that it packs a USB Type-C port. Now, when testing this, I didn’t get it to charge the computer (and I didn’t attempt to try again for fear of damaging it) but it’s really just there for data transfer and functionality. It’s still really cool that it’s there.

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The Yoga 900 runs fast. Seriously, it runs extremely fast. That’s most likely thanks to the 16 GBs of RAM, but it’s still worth noting. It runs windows 10 and does it fantastically. I don’t think I ever had a hiccup using the 900; at least not one that was noticeable at all.

Everything about this computer really just screams impressive. It runs elegantly and smoothly while giving off a powerhouse vibe. Speaking of being a powerhouse, I was able to use this at CES this past year without any issues and it ran like a dream. I was even able to do some video editing with it. It definitely has the muscle needed to be a good computer.


There’s nothing special about the battery. But there isn’t anything bad about it either. I got about a day of full on writing and internet browsing. I even got a solid two hours of video editing done. When asleep, though, I got more than a week, if I recall correctly, out of this thing.


The display is absolutely beautiful. It’s a Quad HD display and packs a bunch of crisp and clear colors and doesn’t fail to deliver outstanding picture. It gets pretty bright and makes watching a movie a good experience rather than a straining one. This has to be one of the best displays I’ve seen on a laptop.

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The keyboard is backlit and one that leaves you with good thought. Many keyboards do anything but fit the bill when it comes to typing comfort and ease of use. This keyboard hits it right on the head and is easy to use. I didn’t have any negative things to say about this keyboard at all, really.

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Final Thoughts

This is an awesome computer that comes with a decently hefty price. Starting at $1,199.99, it’s a little expensive. But with the price tag comes nothing short of amazing. I loved every minute of the laptop and enjoyed everything about it. If you have one or are planning to grab one, let us know your experience in the comments below.

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