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What Are Your Unique “First Download” Apps?

What Are Your Unique “First Download” Apps?

We all know that Samsung, LG, and HTC are soon to released their latest and greatest flagship devices over the coming months. What I’m here to ask you all is what apps will you be downloading first onto these new devices. Now every time I see this question ask, most people (including me at times) respond with the ‘Google Suite’, or Facebook and Instagram, or other common ones as such. I want to hear about the apps that not everyone knows about.

For myself, I have a few apps here that I’ll be downloading onto any new devices that I acquire in the future: Chromer, Promo Codes, Ibotta, Slice, and Twitnuker.

Chromer is a good way to use the internet with Chrome custom tabs even in apps that don’t support them – plus it’s really speedy. Promo Codes comes to us from Today Calendar creator, Jack Underwood, that gifts you a promo code for a specific app in the Play Store once a day for free. Unfortunately (I think), I have yet to use this app because all the apps that have been featured so far, I’ve already bought. #SupportYourDevs

Ibotta is simply a good way to save money while grocery shopping. Slice allows me to track any shipments that come my way by automatically scanning my Email and Amazon for shipping number, which makes everything a lot easier for me. Lastly, even though I say no to talk about common apps, Twitnuker is of course a Twitter client that has recently gain some traction for it’s features and good design.

These are just the apps that I’ve recently added to my ‘first download’ list for future devices, and now I’d like to hear from you all. What are some of the apps that you download immediately that you don’t feel many do but could gain some use from?

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