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Twitter Debuts New Algorithmic Timeline And Yes, It’s Optional

Twitter Debuts New Algorithmic Timeline And Yes, It’s Optional

Last week a rumor came out saying that Twitter was planning to make some massive changes to how the timeline worked. Rather than showing things in chronological order (by time and date), Twitter would organize things based on an algorithm so they could show you the tweets they thought you’d most want to see. Users weren’t a fan of it at first, however now it’s finally been officially announced.

This new feature, which is 100% optional, allows users to get a quick look at the tweets they may have missed over a long period of inactivity. When they open the app or website, they’ll see a collection of tweets that they are most likely to want to see. Once they scroll past that, tweets will be shown in their normal reverse chronological order.

To activate the feature, head into your Timeline settings and select “Show me the best Tweets first”. The feature is rolling out to users now and will be turned on for everyone in a few weeks.

Twitter will allows users to turn the feature off entirely if they choose to do so and also submit feedback to help them improve it over time.

What are your thoughts on this new feature? Do you like the idea? Let us know in the comments below!

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