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HTC One M10 May Have Been Pushed Back To April 11th

HTC One M10 May Have Been Pushed Back To April 11th

While we’ve already seen several leaks of HTC’s latest flagship, we’ve haven’t heard much regarding the release date. It’s been assumed that the company would announce the device sometime around MWC as they usually do, but now it sounds like that’s not the case.

According to 4gnews, the announcement of the HTC M10 has been pushed back to April 11th. The announcement is rumored to take place in London with the phone going on sale after that. They also claim that the device will have an alternate branding from M10, perhaps lining up with the A series as the A10.

4gnews isn’t a very well known news source, so of course take this all with a grain of salt, or two.

The HTC One M10, or A10, is expected to carry a design similar to that of the HTC One A9. Sadly it will likely lose it’s signature Boomsound speakers in exchange for a fingerprint sensor on the front and a more compact design. The screen is also rumored to come in at 5.2″ and the device will likely end up being the Snapdragon 820. However with over a month before the announcement, things could change between now and then.

Via: Pocketnow

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