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Pagaré Allows Contactless Payments On Your Pebble Time

Pagaré Allows Contactless Payments On Your Pebble Time

Do you have a Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel, or Pebble Time Round and wish you could just wave your watch at all those Contactless Payment Terminals? Well, with Pagaré and FitPay you can! Pagaré, Spanish for I will pay (correct me if I’m wrong), attaches to your PT, PTS, or PTR smartwatch and then using the magic of NFC and FitPay’s payment system, you can just tap your watch to the terminal at any retailer that accepts Apple Pay, Android Pay, or credit/debit cards that work with contactless payment systems. This means you can impress your date when you pay for their Big Mac at McDonalds or six-inch Cold Cut Trio at Subway.

The people at Pagaré say that this is safe and secure. The system is designed to lock if the watch leaves your wrist and would require a PIN to re-enable the service. The downside to this is that it’s yet another payment service out there. It does not appear to be compatible with Apple Pay or Android Pay.

Pagaré is also working with ticketing service providers so you can use your watch at entry systems (security gates, movie tickets, etc). If you already own a Pebble Time (PT, PTS, PTR), you will be able to add this to your watch for around $89.


A plus side to the Pagaré is that they have designed it so that to charge both the Pagaré dock and your watch all you need to do is plug it into a USB charging device. No word is given on the battery life of the Pagaré.

FitPay is currently crowdsourcing this project on Kickstarter. They hope to raise $120,000 by March 9th.  As of this writing, they only have 731 backers and $44,812.

Check out Pagaré in the video below.

Source: Pagaré

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