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iClever 50W 6-Port Desktop USB Charger Review

iClever 50W 6-Port Desktop USB Charger Review
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We all hate wires right? However they are a necessary evil, without them we can’t charge up our smartphones, tablet, and other beloved devices. Before receiving desktop USB charger, my room was full of wires like this.


Annoying, right? If only there was some contraption that would let me plug all of my USBs into one simple port, without loads of wires and plugs. That contraption is the iClever 50w 6 Port Desktop USB Charger.


I had never used one of these or something similar before, so I didn’t know how useful or not useful it would be, especially since each USB port outputs 2.4A maximum. To say the least I’m surprised by the usefulness and ability of this desktop charger.

To start with I opened it up and plugged it straight in to the wall. I then plugged in my Moto 360 charger, and started charging my portable charger from flat. The portable charger charged up pretty quick, taking roughly 10-30 minutes longer than when it is charged straight from the wall, which is not bad considering it is getting less power from the mains. The Moto 360 charger worked perfectly, just like when it is plugged into the mains through my tangled up extension cords! For the watch to become fully charged it also took about 10-30 minutes longer than usual to fully charge, proving that even with the less power there is no real impact on the device charging.

Throughout the week I have used the small black box to charge many of my other devices including my LG G3 and my iPad Mini 1st Gen tablet. The phone and tablet fully charged in almost no time longer than usual. This is probably a result of the SmartID Technology that maximises the right amount of power to charge your device in as little time as possible. The power has come to charge all devices in the correct amount.

Using this Desktop Charger has really changed everything, and now I can charge every thing from one little box on my desk! What’s even better is that the actual Desktop Charger builds up power itself, so much like a portable battery, you can take it out and about with you to charge your devices when you are in the car, on holiday, or away from home without having to pack those pesky chargers for you to plug into the wall! The fact that you can take the battery pack around with you, is nicely accompanied by the fact that the whole thing fits in the palm of my hand. Yep, that’s right. The palm of a 13 year old’s hand.


This device is really useful, it has a high battery capacity and is the perfect size for it to be allowed to be called portable. Priced at £14.99 (about $21.35), this fairly priced charger packs all the features you’ll need and more. This is definitely a recommended product, especially for those of you who have lots of plugs and ables like, me and need the transformation to make it more presentable, less tangled, and easier for you to manage providing power to your many devices.

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