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Google Is Planning To Take More Control Over Nexus Devices

Google Is Planning To Take More Control Over Nexus Devices
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A new report out of The Information this morning is claiming that Google is looking to take more control over the Nexus line. To do this, the company is allegedly looking to stop partnering with companies such as LG, HTC, Huawei, etc to build the devices. Rather, the company would go the route of their Pixel line, designing and producing the device completely in house. Of course components such as the display, RAM, memory, and processor would likely be outsourced, but the configuration would come completely from Google.

The report claims that Google’s own Sundar Pichai has told “colleagues and outsiders” that Google will be taking more control over Nexus smartphones, although no time frame has been specified for when the changes would begin to take effect.


HTC was rumored to be building both new Nexus smartphones and the report says that they are still trying to convince Google to allow that to happen. However it looks like that might not happen as even if they did manufacture the phone, Google likely wouldn’t allow HTC branding on it.

The Information also mentions that some Googlers apparently weren’t happy that the current Nexus smartphones aren’t being sold through carriers and that they aren’t being sold at premium price points. Personally, I don’t know where this is coming from as Google’s previous moves with the Nexus lineup show the opposite of that.

So far details are a bit scarce on this, but if it does end up coming true, would you be in favor? With more control over the hardware and design, these new Google-only Nexus devices could end up gaining a bit more traction. It’s unlikely that the brand will ever become a household name, but this decision could make things better. Or not. Who knows?

Via: Droid-Life

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  1. Scott Wilson

    The pixel devices are easily the best designed devices ever. So I’m totally cool with this.