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Samsung Galaxy S7 Said To Sport Dual-SIM/microSD Card Slot

Samsung Galaxy S7 Said To Sport Dual-SIM/microSD Card Slot

One of the biggest complaints of last year’s Galaxy S6 (aside from the fairly horrid battery life) was the lack of expandable memory. Since S7 leaks first started, we’ve been hearing that the phone would indeed have a slot for expandable memory, but renders and images that have leaked so far have not shown the extra slot. However, now rumors are stating that the Galaxy S7 will have a single tray that can hold your SIM card and a microSD card.

According to a report from Naver (a publication from Korea), Samsung will be using this method to allow for expandable storage or to also allow for dual-SIM capabilities. That might be region specific, but it wouldn’t mark the first time seeing this feature as phones like the Huawei P8 Lite and Mate 8 have also both featured dual-SIM connectivity in this same way. The Moto X Pure Edition also features a similar setup as the SIM card and the SD card are both housed within the same slot.

It’s also worth noting that Samsung’s own Galaxy A lineup of phones from 2016 house the same feature (as pictured above).

Obviously none of this is 100% confirmed until Samsung says it on stage, but luckily we’re less than a month away from the device’s official announcement.

Via: Phandroid Header Image: SamMobile

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