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Hangouts 7.0 Is Rolling Out To Android Devices Now With Quick Replies in Tow

Hangouts 7.0 Is Rolling Out To Android Devices Now With Quick Replies in Tow

So I’m one of those users that using Hangouts a lot, like it’s definitely one of my most used apps and I have my Google Voice tied into it for texting (I still use Messenger for carrier texting). I’ve always had small gripes within the app about features that are lacking that I’ve thought to be necessary, but I like that Google has recently taken a approach to give the app somewhat regular updates. Today version 7.0 is rolling out that brings with it a few new features that we’ve been asking for awhile.

7.0 is the latest major version and the changelog below details one of the most requested features for Hangouts, especially on Android seeing that iOS got it a long time ago:

Quick reply in notification shade! \O/

– “Save to Home screen” shortcut for quickly starting a conversation with a specific contact or group.

– Hangouts will now show a blurb about using Messenger for SMS on first run.

– Sharing dialog is no longer Holoyolo.

– Checkboxes are now toggles (moar Material).

– The font is no longer dark on dark background, and the cursor no longer light teal in the new chat dialog.

The Save to Home feature is also a good way to quickly respond to your favorite contacts. The rest of the features seem to be more focused on maintaining a good grip of proper design UI.

If you’re a big Hangouts fan like me then these small features will end up making a big difference in how you communicate using the service. Of course the roll out will take it’s sweet time getting to all devices but if you don’t mind side-loading you can get the update from APKMirror.

Via: APKMirror

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