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Samsung Rolling Out January Security Patches To “Major Flagship Models”

Samsung Rolling Out January Security Patches To “Major Flagship Models”

We’re late in the month of January and as the month prepares to close, Samsung is finally starting the rollout of the latest monthly Android security patch for some of their devices.

The company has not specified which devices will get the update, but they have stated that “major flagship models” will receive it, implying devices such as the Galaxy S6, Note 5, S5, and other recent flagships from the company.

The update includes all 12 patches that were added in this months Android Security Bulletin with the security holes ranging from moderate to critical in terms of their severity. The update also houses fixes for issues that were specific to Samsung devices that are running KitKat or Lollipop.

While Google’s own Nexus smartphones got this update early in the month, we can give Samsung a bit of slack due to the number of devices they are working with. HTC also rolled out the same security patch to the HTC One A9 about a week ago.

Source: Samsung

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