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OnePlus Has Stopped Selling The 16GB OnePlus Two In North America And Europe

OnePlus Has Stopped Selling The 16GB OnePlus Two In North America And Europe

In a wise move, OnePlus has ceased sales of the 16GB variant of the OnePlus Two in both North America and in Europe. The reasoning behind this decision is that customers in these regions have had more interest in the 64GB variant, at least according to OnePlus. This does of course make sense, especially considering that the 64GB model isn’t much more expensive than the 16GB model. A representative from OnePlus had the following to say to TechRadar:

According to feedback we have seen much greater interest in the 64GB version of the OnePlus 2 in North America and Europe, so we have removed the 16GB version from those store pages as of this week. We will continue to offer the 16GB version in limited markets such as India, where customers are more interested in an option for different amounts of storage.

While it’s great to see the 16GB variant sticking around in countries where every dollar matters, it’s a bit sad to see the less expensive model available here in the States and in Europe.

If you are interested in picking up the OnePlus Two, it’s available for sale, now without an invite, in North America and in Europe. Of course if you are looking to save some cash, but still want to get some OnePlus hardware, the OnePlus X is always an option at $249.

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