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[DEAL ALERT] The Nexus 5X Is Just $312 On eBay Right Now

[DEAL ALERT] The Nexus 5X Is Just $312 On eBay Right Now

If you’ve been looking to pick up Google’s new Nexus 5X, but haven’t been a big fan fo the price, we’ve got a great deal to show you today. Currently eBay is running a deal on the 5X that brings the price down to just $312. Even after Google gave the 5X a permanent price cut to $349, this is still a great way to save some extra money.

This is of course a 16GB variant in any color you’d like and it is also a brand new unit, although it’s worth mentioning that the “Ice” color is currently out of stock.

If you’re new to the Nexus 5X, it’s a 5.2″ Android smartphone running atop a Snapdragon 808 processor, 2GB of RAM, and also has a 12.3MP rear camera. At it’s normal price of $349 it’s a pretty slid device, but at this lower price, it’s even better.

Source: eBay

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