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Facebook Messenger Gets A Material Design Facelift On Android

Facebook Messenger Gets A Material Design Facelift On Android
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Back in 2014 Google released Material Design at that year’s I/O. Since then, thousands of developers have brought the new design to their apps and games in updates to improve the design of the applications. So far one of the largest app developers on the app store, Facebook, has not incorporated Material Design into any of their apps. According to a Reddit user, this is about to change in Facebook Messenger.

In a company inclusive update for Facebook’s Messenger app on Android devices, one Reddit user was lucky enough to receive the full Material Design version of the app. It’s not a complete redesign of the app but it has started to incorporate key Material Design aspects.

Facebook looks to have added a FAB (floating action button) so users will be able to compose messages with more ease. When you tap the FAB, it will bring up a number of bubbles that will let you search your conversations, add contacts, create groups and make calls. Another key change in the new update is the new toggle option instead of a check-box to turn on the Chat Heads feature of the app. In all of their apps, Facebook incorporates check-boxes instead of toggle options.

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Facebook appears to only be testing this update on a select group of users at this point, but the giant social media company should begin rolling out the update to everyone soon.

Via: Android Authority

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