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Tipster Claims That HTC Will Make Two Nexus Devices In 2016

Tipster Claims That HTC Will Make Two Nexus Devices In 2016

According to an “often reliable leakster“, HTC will be working quite closely with Google this year on not one, but two new Nexus devices. The leaks claim that Google will have HTC make two smartphones, one with a 5″ display and the other with a 5.5” display. No other specs were offered up, but it does seem interesting that Google would shrink both of their smartphones in 2016.

As most of us know, HTC isn’t a stranger to the program as they made the original Nexus One smartphone back in 2010 and the Nexus 9 tablet from 2014. That tablet received some mixed reviews upon its release, but the device got better as time went on. Their One M9 smartphone from last year wasn’t exactly impressive either, but perhaps they can do better with a Nexus smartphone.

Obviously none of this is set in stone as any new devices won’t be announced for several months. Other rumors have claimed that Huawei would have another shot this year, but at this point we’re just going to have to wait and see. Let’s also not forget that HTC could end up making another tablet rather than two smartphones.

Source: Weibo Via: Droid-Life

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