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Sony’s New IoT Light Can Turn On Your TV And More

Sony’s New IoT Light Can Turn On Your TV And More

Sony is going to launch an IoT connected light that can do a surprising number of jobs via the IoT for the average user. What Sony is calling the “Multifunctional Light,” has been developed using Toshiba’s LED lighting technology. The light can provide a full spectrum of colours to match your mood, and personal preference like most IoT connected lights that are on the market.

You can connect the “Multifunctional Light” to your smartphone or another WiFi device. You can also activate it remotely or set it up on a scheduled timer, like most other smart lights on the market. The light also packs built-in motion sensors, luminance, temperature and humidity sensors, a memory card slot for Micro SD Cards, an infrared controller, a speaker and a microphone. For an IoT light, it packs a lot of bonus features that other IoT lights on the market don’t provide to consumers.

An example of using these extra features that Sony provides their light, would be that it can detect when you’re in the room that the light is in, and turn on the TV, air conditioning, or your heating, work as a room-to-room intercom, play music, act as a motion detector alarm system and record and play back messages using the light’s built-in microphone and speaker. Also you can program all of those features in various different ways via the app, making it more like a smart home hub than a mere IoT connected light.

In the two minute clip below, you can see a family using the light to control different aspects of family life.

For now, Sony only planes to release the light in Japan in the first half of 2016. After Sony has tested how well consumers like the light, they should release the device in Europe and North America.

Via: Engadget

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