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The Battery On The LG G5 Might Be Removable Through The Phone’s Bottom Edge

The Battery On The LG G5 Might Be Removable Through The Phone’s Bottom Edge

There have been numerous rumors regarding LG’s next flagship, the LG G5, but this one might be the most interesting. According to CNET Korea, the G5 may end up having two separate pieces which when separated, reveal the removable battery. There are no pictures of this in action, but with information from an eye-witness, CNET Korea was able to piece together the render seen below to show how this would work.


The ability to remove and replace your battery is something that is still very important to many users and something that LG was unlikely to kill off with their new phone. With the rise of unibody smartphones however, a new method of removing the battery was needed and the method LG looks to be using is something we’ve never seen before. From what we can tell the bottom edge of the phone will still house some ports such as the charging port and perhaps a microphone. It’s entirely possible that LG could be using this removable portion of the device to allow for new “modules” to be added later on.

Aside from that, CNET Korea also shows the removal of the famous rear-mounted button setup we’ve become accustomed to with LG’s smartphones. Rather there will be a more traditional setup with the buttons landing on the sides of the device and a fingerprint sensor being mounted on the back.

The LG G5 is rumored to back a 5.3″ QHD display, Snapdragon 820, and 16MP/8MP cameras. The device is rumored to launch sometime in the next few months but it’s still unclear when.

Via: Phandroid

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