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Amazon Prime Members Now Get 20% Off Game Pre-Orders

Amazon Prime Members Now Get 20% Off Game Pre-Orders

The retail space is getting pretty competitive when it comes to new video game sales and pre-orders. Besides your pre-order items, retailers like Best Buy offer incentives like discounts on new games for their memberships. Amazon also shared a similar trait with free release date delivery for Prime members. Still, Amazon’s really going for it with their newest incentive for pre-orders.

Amazon Prime members will now get Prime Savings of 20% off on pre-ordered and newly-released video games. This is valid for two weeks after the game’s launch and will automatically be applied at checkout. For Prime members who already have active pre-orders, this offer extend to you as well, meaning you don’t have to cancel and order again to get the discount.

There are a couple downsides here. One is that the pre-order has to be shipped and sold by Amazon, which makes sense since that’s the way most Prime deals work. the other is that this discount only applies to physical copies, not downloadable titles of download codes. This’ll likely not be a problem for most console players, but getting physical PC games is a rarity nowadays.

Amazon Prime has long been a valuable service for many online shoppers, but seeing this really makes that skyrocket. This doesn’t appear to be a temporary promotion, so many will see some excellent savings on the amount of games on the horizon in 2016.

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